Welsford Falls

Falls Detail: Tucked away in the Nerepis Hills, Welsford Falls is one of New Brunswick’s unknown treasures. Dropping over 15 meters, Mud Stream is one of many that tumble down these steep sided hills on their way to the Nerepis River and eventually to the Saint John River. The journey is abruptly altered by a series of several waterfalls all within a deeply eroded gorge. The most picturesque of the group is commonly known as Welsford Falls. The stream flows over the rock face at this point forming a veil. The stream continues down the gorge cutting a deep crevasse into the bedrock. The walls of the gorge rise 25 to 30 meters on either side. Tall stately pines stand sentinel giving the area a majestic and stately aura.

From the Irving in Welsford take route 101 north. Cross the bridge over Park Stream as well as railway crossing and then take Sullivan Road on the left. Drive up Sullivan Road to the end and park there. The trail continues on where the road ends. Take the trail staying to the left until entering an opening at the hydro towers. Continue on the trail until a fork. Take the left trail and head back into the woods. Follow this trail to a roofed in stack of logs, keep right into the woods towards the roar of the falls passing an abandoned cabin on the way.

Visit Detail: Our hike up and into the gorge was relatively easy and quick. We could here the sound of the falls from afar and upon arriving Jason Bennett and I were amazed at the number of falls in such a short distance. The centerpiece of the group is a veil or bridal falls. On this visit there was sufficient volume of water in the stream. We made our way across the stream and then down along the southern side of the gorge to the base of the last falls were we began to take pictures and eventually work our way back up to the apex of the first falls. The gorge walls rise 25 to 30 meters straight up giving the waterfalls guidance through the valley. Ancient pines stand guard on either side. From the apex we could see far off into the mountain to the east. The site is just amazing and yet dangerous if caution is not taken as we made our way up and down the gorge. The only draw back to our visit was the position of the sun directly overhead, which provided difficulty in taking pictures.

At the site is an old cabin left to deteriorate. It is rumored that at one time a writer spent a couple of years at the falls writing in seclusion. The new Welsford bypass will be constructed very near the site.