Upper Nail Factory Falls

Falls Detail: Further up and around a slight turn in the stream is the Upper Nail Factory Falls. The third in a series it is a tiered waterfalls with two distinct drops. A heavy overburden of cedar and mixed deciduous provide a moisture rich environment for moss and lichen to carpet the floor of the ravine. Scattered like cookie crumbs fallen leaves afford a mosaic of colour.

Take the Westfield Ferry and when arriving at the peninsula head south on route 845 passing through Lands End, Bayswater and Summerville. The road to the stream is on the left and there is a parking area just after entering the road. Nail Factory Road is approximately 1 km west of Moss Glen Shore Road and leads down towards the Kennebecasis River.

The property belongs to the Locke Family. They ask that people who visit the waterfalls respect their property. Park alongside the main road and not in the driveway.

Visit Detail: At the end of a long day of waterfalling I was simply amazed to see yet another waterfall on this amazing little stream. As I stated in my last post about Middle Nail Factory Falls the stream is a gem. The folks who live on or near the peninsula are certainly very fortunate to have a plethora of waterfalls in a small geographic area to admire.