Tay River Falls

Waterfall Detail: An experienced canoeist has told me that this little waterfall can be rather dangerous when run during heavy water. He could not pin point a particular reason except, because of its height that many people tend not to take the rapids serious and end up capsizing. This waterfalls is not to be confused with Tay Falls located further up river.

From a waterfall perspective it is a rather gentle rapids with a drop of not more that 1 metre. Tay River Falls is located approximately six kilometres up from the confluence of the river with the Nashwaak River. Drive north along Route 8 until Taymouth and just after crossing Tay River, take the first road on the left leading to English Settlement and further on to Stanley. Drive 3.5 km along this road looking for the turn off to the Tay Valley Bible Camp. Take this road and drive along the river and in several minutes (2.5 km) a small clearing on the left next to the river will come into view. There is sufficient place to park.

Visit Detail: In late August the evening sun begins to wane over the trees to the west just after 6 PM. It casts long wispy shadows along Tay Valley. On this particular evening, the sun provides enough brightness to highlight the southern bank of the river providing an excellent backdrop for this quiet location. It has been a rather dry month and the Tay River barely skims over the ledge providing a ribbon of translucent water. The effect is astonishingly spectacular with the sunlight dancing along the water.

Although the river is rather straight along this section the rock formation channels the water towards the left side of the river. Smashing against the rock outcrop the river boils over several small ledges before entering a graciously sized pool. During the photo shoot trout surface to feed on the numerous black flies and insects along the water surface. This is a special location on this calm evening. As the sun continues to wane the air take on an evening chill.