South Branch Oromocto Falls

Falls Detail: South Branch Oromocto Falls spans the entire width of the river and drops 7 meters into a large pool. The bedrock along each side of the river are contorted and twisted in all directions as if the river was taken and twisted like a braided rope. There is a cross at the top of the cliff over looking the falls in memory of Mr. Chester Sinnett who lost his life here at the falls. Mr. Sinnett died in 1931 while working for a lumbering company. The peavey he was using to push logs out into the middle of the stream lodged into a log, which pulled him out and over the falls to his demise.

From highway 101 near Hoyt, drive out the Sand Brook Road approximately 7.8 km. At this point there is a logging road on the right with a cable across. Walk out this road through a jack pine plantation until reaching a small sandpit. Stay left which leads to an old woods road to the top of the falls and the cross. Follow the path along the edge of the ravine, which leads further down river and then turns left and to the river. Follow the edge of the river back up along the base of the cliff to the pool and falls.

Visit Detail: The walk out through the jack pine plantation was very enjoyable in the early autumn. The pictures taken at the falls where shot in the early evening as the sun drop down behind the mountain ridge off in the distance. The angle provided a natural highlight to the edge of the water as it bent and dropped over the bedrock. The twisted and jagged bedrock along the side of the river intrigued me as I walked up towards the falls.

On the hike back up to the top of the cliff I stopped at the cross over looking the falls. The next day I contacted Robin Hanson who is an authority on the Oromocto river watershed and he provided information about Mr. Chester Sinnett.