Silver Falls

Waterfalls Details: Silver Falls is part of the Loch Lomond water shed in east Saint John and is nestled between the Loch Lomond Road and Centennial Heights Sub-division. This set of four distinct falls with their individual pools is within a very urban / industrial setting with the Irving Oil Refinery and commercial properties a short distance away. The best way to locate Silver Falls is to find the Loch Lomond Road and drive to the St. Joachim’s Catholic Church. The gorge that encloses the falls can be seen from the parking lot of the church. Across the road is an access road to a graveled parking area.

The trail to the falls starts as a dirt road and then by selecting any one of the many walking paths down the hill to the stream. There is a path following the stream from the base to the dam at the very top. There are several paths throughout the area as it is a favorite swimming area for may of local youth. In places the path has dissipated into the gorge and there is no longer a well worn path to follow. Caution is required as the path is very close to the edge of the gorge.

Visit Details: I visited the falls in April 2007 and was amazed that during my two years at the New Brunswick Community College and living in Champlain Heights that I was unaware of this area. Considering that it is located in an industrial / commercial area I was completely unaware of the city around me except for the waterfalls. I started at the bottom falls and made my way up along the left hand side of the gorge. While in this unique ecosystem, I was not aware of the fact that this set of falls are within the provinces largest and most industrialized cities.

I spent about an hour scouting each set of falls before retracing my path back. In my opinion this area if maintained would become an example of how our natural world can coexist within a urban setting. Either the city of Saint John or the province should invest in preserving Silver Falls.