Shogomoc Falls

Waterfall Detail: Shogomoc Stream is located several kilometers north of Nackawic. The stream flows rather gently collecting waters from several small lakes and wetlands until it drastically changes chareristics. Approximately 2 kilometers up from the confluence with the Saint John River the stream knifes through a ravine dropping rapidly over this distance. In a section of 600 metres the stream has four beautiful waterfalls of which Shogomoc Falls is one. The five-metre waterfall has a slope of 70% and spans the entire stream.

Located directly below the NBPower Hydro line, it has formed two channels over the granite outcrop. There are several large granite boulders from which to sit and enjoy this beautiful location.

Visit Detail: We parked to the side of the southbound lane of Trans Canada Highway. It was a short jaunt along the highway down to the stream. From here we walked upstream enjoying the soothing sound of the water as it splashed over and around the large boulders in its path. Shogomoc is very boney in this section from the below the highway up to the Shogomoc Falls is a series of rapids. I can understand why it is a favourite location for white-water kayakers.

Shogomoc Falls is on a slight turn in the stream. The large outcrop in midstream forces the water through narrow channels to once again join before cascading over a series of boulders. A series of large boulders protruding out into the stream is the best vantage point to photograph the waterfall.