Saint Paddy’s Falls

Update (August 2010): The twinning of Route 1 has removed most of the beautiful trail leading to this waterfall. The fall’s itself is untouched, but can now be seen from the edge of the clear cut for the new road. Caution is advised if you are visiting.

Waterfall Detail: A roadside gem near Bocabec in Charlotte County, Saint Paddy’s falls flows across the bedrock forming an enchanting waterfall. The falls is located on the west facing side of Kerr Ridge. Just 100 metres up the Kerr Ridge Road from Route 1 is an access road that leads down toward the brook. Just down the access road is a parking area. Follow the access road until you find the path on the right hand side that leads into the woods.

The path follows along a ridgeline until it begins to drop down into a large bowl shaped area. Near the northern edge of the bowl is Saint Paddy’s Falls. If the trail cannot be found continue hiking down to the brook and follow the east side of the brook up to the waterfall.

Visit Detail: On a warm Sunday afternoon in May, Marlaine and I drove down to Charlotte County in search of the waterfalls. I found directions on the internet. The description said it was a special place. We could not agree more.

Walking along the ridge on a rich bed of pine needles we could see the white water spilling over the edge of the rock face. This early in May the foliage has yet to fill in making it easy to see the waterfalls from a distance. This will change by summer. The trail is well trodden indicating the popularity of the area.

Once in the large bowl it became very apparent of how special this waterfall is. Graced by an over story of mixed hardwood and softwood the waterfall captivates it’s audience. Flowing majestically across the rock face producing a veil of white water. Saint Paddy’s Fall is easily accessible by both young and old.