Ragged Ass Falls

Waterfalls Detail: Raggedy Ass Falls is a complex of waterfalls and excellent swimming holes. There is an open trail that leads partially to the falls that is easy to find. Large rocks surrounding the area provide a wonderful venue to sit enjoy New Brunswick wilderness. The falls is on Nutter Brook that flows in a southeasterly direction dropping through a series of rock outcrops before converging with the South Branch Oromocto River.

On Route 101, the road between Fredericton Junction and Welsford, look for the Sand Brook Road near Hoyt. Drive out this road. At about 3.8 km there is a Y junction but continue driving to the right. This road will soon change to gravel and eventually crosses over the Sand Brook. Just beyond the bridge the gravel road has yet another Y junction. Stay to the right road and follow the South Branch Oromocto River approximately 1 km to the bridge. Cross over and there is a parking area on the right and a trail to Nutter Brook. Follow the trail to the brook and head upstream approximately 200 metres to the waterfalls.

Note: The access road to South Branch Oromocto River Falls is on the right about 200 metres before crossing the Sand Brook. There is a sand pit on the left just past the access.

Visit Detail: On a warm Sunday afternoon Jason Bennett and I are heading out the Sand Brook Road looking for Ragged Ass Falls. The road is familiar. We drove out in August 2008 to photograph the South Branch Oromocto Falls. Using the GPS coordinates provided by nature enthusiast, Robin Hanson we navigated the myriad of forest roads to the parking area near the brook. The walk is along a trail that eventually is lost to the erosive nature of the brook and we are resigned to start a short hike up through the brook to the first falls. The best access to see all four falls is on the right hand side.

This area is a series of four waterfalls twisting and turning through bedrock. The entire waterfall complex drops 20 metres. It is a very beautiful with splendid swimming holes. The top falls is especially pretty as the brook slides over the rock face into a large pool.

On the hike back out to the SUV we met a family enjoying the cool refreshing water of the brook. Even though they have been to this swimming hole on many occasions the parents were unaware of the waterfalls. Hopefully, armed with this revelation they will take time to walk further up and enjoy the waterfalls.