Pokiok Falls

Falls Detail: Pokiok Falls is not large but has a unique character that embraces the area and visitors. It is located in hilly country just west of Nackawic on property developed into a small park by the St. Anne Nackawic Pulp & Paper Mill. The stream has its headwaters in Lake George as well as the wetlands at the base of Flat Top Mountain. The nature park has several marked and maintained trails to access the falls and stream.

The original Pokiok Falls and gorge, was located at the mouth of the stream and is now submerged under the Mactaquac Headpond. The fall was a natural attraction for many locals and visitors from afar. I want to thank Bob Kenyon of Fredericton for providing an excellent slide to reproduce.

To see these falls, take the Nackawic turnoff from the new TCH and head towards the bridge across the Saint John River. Look for the first road after crossing over the Pokiok Stream. From here drive out this private road a distance of 3 km to the nature park. There is a parking area on the left side of the road just after the small wooden bridge spanning the stream.

Visit Detail: The morning I hiked up along the stream to the falls the water was just teeming with excitement. The heavy rain the night before rushed downward to the Saint John River. Autumn is everywhere along this beautiful stream. The cool, damp air along with the dropping temperature has turned the leaves to reds and yellows.

Working with situation I wanted to show the power of this little falls after the heavy rain. I guess my intention with all my photographs is to capture the spirit of the waterfalls and the area at a particular point in time. On this day I was fortunate to have a kaleidoscope of colors and a teeming stream. I spent one hour enjoying the scenery and the cool morning air.