Pinder Falls & Dam

Waterfalls Detail: Pinder Falls is the product of a dam that held water for a mill which is long gone or for the local paper mill in nearby Nackawic. Located on the East Branch Nackawic Stream, in the hamlet of Pinder, the river drops 10 meters into a large pool. Pinder is named after the Postmaster for the area, George T. Pinder. This waterfall can be seen from the road (Route 605). Rubble from the old dam along with a train bridge across the top of the dam give the area a rustic look, a throw back to an era of industrial development. A major distraction is the graffiti found on the concrete abutments and remnants of the old dam.

To see this waterfall, drive to Nackawic then head down river along Route 105 until you see the sign for Temperance Vale and Caverhill. Take this road, Route 605 and drive for approximately 5 km until you cross the Nackawic Stream. The waterfall is on your right. There is a small parking area just past the bridge.

Pinder Falls is not the most visually engaging waterfalls but none the less, it, like many such as Tetagouche and Charlo Falls dammed to provide hydro energy to operate mill machinery.

Visit Details: I photographed Pinder Falls one evening in May 2008. I drove up along Route 105 from Mactaquac Park because this route is very scenic and I wanted to stop in at Howland Falls as well. The Pinder waterfalls and general area is not spectacular but the amount of water flowing over the spillway on this particular evening was impressive.

I returned to Pinder Dam in late September hoping to catch the colours of autumn but alas I was a bit late. These new photo’s are HDR rendering a beautiful touch to the water. I also used Photoshop to remove the graffiti.