Odell Park Falls

Waterfalls Details: Odell Park Falls is on Phyllis Creek which flows along the western boundary of Odell Park. The falls cascades through an escarpment that runs the width of the park in a southwesterly direction. The falls are not very large but is very enchanting when there is sufficient water flowing. Odell Park was once the estate of Jonathan Odell, who held the titles of physician, clergyman, poet and N.B.’s first Provincial Secretary, this 75 hectare (388 acre) park is comprised of fields, forests and streams. Odell Park is popular with all ages, as there is a playground, picnic facilities, a duck pond and a visitor’s centre. The park is open from 7am to 11pm.

It is important to note that although the creek is known as Phyllis Creek, I do not know the name of falls and have aptly called it Odell Park Falls.

Visit Details: Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. The Odell Park falls is small but very picturesque. It is also a seasonal falls which is dry during summers with little rain. I have trampled through almost every inch of Odell Park and this area is my favorite area of the park. I usually just leave from one of the many well groomed pathways and head up to the escarpment and follow it towards the creek and then along the creek to this secluded area. The attached pictures are from various visits over the past two years when there has been sufficient water flow.