N.W. Branch Dideguash River Falls

Waterfall Detail: This waterfall is located on Route 127 five and half kilometres south of Lawrence Station. The Route 127 follows alongside the Digdeguash River before veering off towards Waweig and eventually St. Andrews. In addition to the highway the North West Digdeguash is traversed by an old abandon railroad bridge before it empties into the larger river. The old bridge and foliage provide a nice quite location to get off the highway and relax.

There is a parking area just off to the side of the highway. Nearby, there is an old road leading to the old railway that is used both as an ATV route and walking trail. Follow the trail towards the river. Just before the bridge, cut into the woods and down alongside the river. There are several locations to photograph this charming little waterfalls.

Visit Information: This spring Marlaine and I decided to take a day trip to St. Andrews, While driving along the highway this picturesque waterfall caught my eye, so I slowed and drove back to check it out. After a few minutes Marlaine joins me alongside the river, where we bask in the warmth of the spring sunshine. A treat after winter. As the picture illustrates the waterfall is located just off the highway.

Satisfied with my interpretation of this picturesque waterfall we quietly walked back to the SUV and continued on our way. While driving along we comment on how we are so fortunate in New Brunswick to have these charming roadside attractions.