Midland Road Falls


3 meters

* / Easy (Trail)


Perley Brook / Salmon River

River Valley Scenic Route

Page 63 / Chipman 21I/04


N 46 7′ 57.55″ / W 65 58′ 39.55″


Waterfalls Details: This man made waterfall appears to be created as a result of coal mining operations in the Minto/Chipman area. The brook was possibly diverted when the area was open stripped mined and then reverted back to form a man made pond in the abandoned cut. The pond stretches from the Midland road to the base of the falls. The falls are easily accessed via a dirt road off of the Midland Road.

From Minto take what is locally known as the Post Road to Chipman. The Midland Road connects the Post Road with Route 10. About ½ Km into the Midland road look out for the pond on your left side. The access road is just before the pond.

Visit Details: I photographed Midland Road Falls in September 2007. While visiting my brother in law in Minto we decided to take a drive out to the falls. The area around the pond is not spectacular but the tiny falls has merit. My only reservation about the area is the amount of garbage scattered about. I moved beer and pop cans from the falls in order to take the pictures.


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