Memel Creek Falls

Falls Detail: Albert County has an abundance of stream and creeks flowing down from the Fundy Uplands of which Memel Creek is one. The Fundy Uplands as well as the rest of the province was formed by continental drift that produced mountain peaks as lofty as the Himalayans. These ancient mountains were later reshaped and worn down by the extreme pressure of a mile thick glacier. The transfiguration continued when the Laurentian Ice shield began to retreat leaving low flat hills, deep valleys and a province defined by water. The province is still being defined by water and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the Fundy Eco-region.

Memel Creek Falls continues to define the geometry of Albert County. This tiered falls cuts through the granite escarpment producing several deep pools.

From Hopewell drive out the Memel Road to the Y in the road, approximately 4 km. Continue driving up the right hand road a distance of 700 meters until reaching a wood bridge across the Memel Creek. Turn just before the bridge and park. On the left there is a trail into the woods that leads to the creek and further down approximately 200 – 300 meters to the falls.

Visit Detail: I am sitting in the back of the SUV with my legs hanging out writing a visit log when a dog appears and begins to check me out. Then Kevin Dixon and his children appear out of nowhere. They are on their way back from a walk in the woods on this glorious day. I was very surprised to meet another person this far back in the woods. Within minutes I am informed of a second fall not far from where I am located and that the falls I just photographed is Sawmill Creek Falls and not Memel Creek Falls.

Following Kevin’s direction I found myself hiking down the west side of Memel Creek to the falls only to determine that access to the base would require navigating along the edge of the ravine a further 100 meters. The additional distance provided a safe route down and a short hike back up to the bottom most falls. Hopping from rock to rock I crossed the creek to gain a quality location to photograph the waterfalls with five drops down through the ravine. Memel Creek Falls are superb and a must visit for waterfalls enthusiast. From looking at the topology of the region I can safely speculate there are many more falls of similar size and nature as Memel.

Thank you Kevin Dixon for the information about this spectacular waterfalls.