McLeod Brook Falls

Waterfalls Details: McLeod Brook Falls is part of the Walton Glen Gorge. It is named after Bentley McLeod a forester who worked in the many lumber camps along this part of the Fundy Coast prior to and after the Second World War. The falls was unnamed and little known until the area was designated part of the Protected Areas of New Brunswick. During public consultation process Mr. McLeod informed DNR about the falls and eventually showed them the falls. It was decided to name the falls after Bentley. The McLeod Brook joins the McCumber Brook and both further join the Walton Glen on their journey to the Little Salmon River.

Driving information is the same as the Walton Glen Gorge & Falls except instead take the first road on your left on the McCumber Brook Road. The narrow road winds it’s way through a jack pine plantation. Follow this road to the junction of the NB Trail and then turn left again. You will see the handrail on your right about 100 meters up this trail. There is a parking area just before the trail down to the falls. The trail is actually a long stairway to the base. The gorge is very damp and oxygen rich.

McLeod Brook Falls is very pretty so spend some time to enjoy the sound of the falls and re-engerize yourself.

Visit Detail: We stumbled upon McLeod Brook Falls by chance. Last November, Ed Pelger, Bart Myers, my son Liam, a friend from Australia and myself were looking for Walton Glen Falls. We took a wrong turn and ended up at this falls thinking it was Walton Glen. The decent down into the gorge is aided by the construction of a stairway. The falls and its gorge blew us away. The ionized air was uplifting and energizing. We spent about 30 minutes taking pictures and scouting around looking for a way to Walton Glen. At the time we had no idea that this waterfall was part of the Walton Glen Gorge.

We ascended the 100+ stairs to the access road and decided to walk down around the bend to a bridge. It was at the bridge that we discovered this was McLeod Brook. Once all gathered in the SUV we back tracked and decided to drive further on to see what new discoveries would surprise us.