Lower Wallace Falls

Waterfalls Detail: The Fundy Highland is an ancient mountain range and an important part of the Fundy eco-system. All along the region the range is etched by many fast flowing rivers and streams cascading and tumbling to their merger with the Bay of Fundy. Over the millennia their energy has formed spectacular waterfalls. One such river is the Quiddy River, which boasts several falls including Lower Wallace Falls.

The falls drops over a sharp granite escarpment into a large dark pool. The pool is assessable by a trail along the west side and has become a commonly visited area by local campers and swimmers.

From Sussex drive to Poley Mountain Ski Hill in Waterford. Continue past the hill not too far take the road to Adair’s Hunting & Fishing Lodge. Continue pass Adair’s Lodge around Crawford Lake (Large Sign) until the Y in the road. The left is the Shepody Road and the right is the Little Salmon River Rd. Drive down the Little Salmon River Road for approximately 2 km. At this point there is a road on your left. Take this road for about 4.5 km to the bridge that crosses over the Quiddy River. The bridge is washed out on either side. Park vehicle here.

Take the trail on the west side of the bridge and walk around and down to the base of the second falls or walk across the bridge and locate the trail up to the right. Follow the trail up to the right. This will lead to a small camping area and then turns into a footpath. The path is steep with a turn off to the upper falls and then use the ropes attached to the trees to reppel to the base of the lower falls.

Visit Detail: I visited area in November 2007 with some friends. On the way we stopped at Adairs Wilderness Lodge to have breakfast, ask directions and to gather other information that would help. I suggest to anyone heading out this way to stop and meet Larry & Ida and have a home cooked meal.

Lower Wallace Falls are beautiful especially with its large pool at the base. There is very little cover from the trees at this time of year, which provided an open view to the falls. The trail down to the falls is bit dangerous but if you take your time there are no issues. We spent 30 minutes taken pictures and enjoying the scenery and then decided to hike back around to our car and then try the marked hiking trail on the western side of the falls.