Wat Howland Falls

Water Falls Details: Howland Falls is located in Bear Island New Brunswick (across the Mactaquac Head Pond from Kings Landing) and flows into the Saint John River. At approximately 11meters, Howland Falls is not high but it has its own unique character in that it consists of two drops. The first is 2 meters and the second 9 meters. To enjoy this beautiful falls simply drive up along highway 105 continuing past the Mactaquac Park main entrance for 19.5 km to where the Scotch Settlement Road meets highway 105. Take the Scotch Settlement Road and drive to the cement bridge a distance of 1 km. The path down to the falls is on your right just before the bridge.

Visit Details: Many of the small streams that flow into the Saint John River in this area are seasonal. In the summer there is barely a trickle but on this particular evening an abundance of water is surging through the notch due to the heavy winter snow.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Mactaquac Head Pond and Bear Island area is part of the drive to Howland Falls. Highway 105 meanders through farmland and cottage country.

At this time of the spring the trail down to the bottom of the gorge is snow packed but manageable. You can immediately feel the drop in temperate upon reaching the base of the falls. The oxygen rich mist carries several meters down stream and it immediately provides me energy. At this time of year there is still snow along the cliffs where the spring sun cannot reach. This is one of my favorite falls to visit.