Hadley Falls

Waterfall Detail: The old Hadley Mill is nestled alongside the Millstream River in the once rural Irish community of Dunlop. Remnants of the old machinery that powered the mill are strewn about. Anchors driven into the bedrock were once used to hold back the logs while millworkers hauled the logs up onto convey chains. The surrounding area, which was once farmland, has been developed into residential subdivisions and along each side of the river. The Hadley Falls is one of many on the Millstream River. The Millstream commences further up in the Chaleur Highlands and flow northeast toward to the Bay of Chaleur. Hadley Falls is located at one of the many ridges that run easterly towards the Bay of Chaleur. Below the waterfall is a deep pool that provides children from adjacent homes a natural swimming pool during hot summer days.

Driving on Route 11 just west of Bathurst take exit 318 in Beresford and drive south away from Beresford on Robertville Road a distance of 1.8 Km. Just past the sign indicating the community of Dunlop take the first road on the right. This is Route 315 and is located just before the bridge over the Millstream River. Turn onto this road and drive an addition 200 metres to the old mill yard on the left.

There is no established trail. Park alongside the roadway and then walk across the old mill yard to the falls. You will hear the call of the cascade from the roadway.

Visit Detail: In the spring of 2009 I was in the Bathurst area to photograph several waterfalls for my first book entitled Waterfalls of New Brunswick. I had made plans to meet up with Larry Krause of Robertville. I had seen Larry’s pictures on Flickr and decided to contact him to see if he would take me to a few waterfalls near his home. So it was that earlier in the morning in May I met up with Larry and proceeded to Harley Falls and now found myself striding across the old mill yard to the sound of the waterfall.

The river is flowing rather briskly on this cool morning. There is not a cloud in the sky and we can tell that it will be a warm day but I am wearing a fleece vest to fend off the chill. The direct sunlight made photographing the waterfall difficult. There are remnants of the old sawmill still lying around in the tall grass. Fastened to the rock on either side of the pitch are “O” rings used to secure cables. The cables were used to hold back the logs where they would be hauled up a conveyer chain to the mill.

After spend 30 or so minutes we drove out to Millstream Falls, which is the crown jewel of waterfalls on this river.


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