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Gordon Falls

Waterfall Detail: The Pollett River continues to carve and etch a path down from the Caledonia Highlands in Albert County, forming steep ravines and rapids. Beyond Elgin the river settles down as it meanders to confluence with the Petitcodiac River. The gorge is most prominent near the Village of Elgin. Cliffs 10 to 20 meters in height guide the river as it tumbles and forms several waterfalls within a relatively short distance.

The river is named for Peter Paulet, a Mi’Kmag medicine man who lived near the mouth of the river in the early 1800’s. Gordon Falls is located halfway down the gorge in an area of the river that is predominately conglomerate in disposition.

To see Gordon Falls drive to Petitcodiac and take route 905 south to Elgin. The road meanders through lush forest before emerging into wide open valley. Continue through Elgin until the Y in the road. Stay left onto the River Road and drive along the road until a small parking area on the left. There are several paths of which one leads down along the west side of the river towards the waterfalls. Take time to scout out the entire gorge.

Visit Detail: I drove down to photograph Gordon Falls the day before the annual Pollett River Run. At that time the river was boiling over from a heavy rain and spring melt. I decided to return and photograph Gordon Falls again. On this trip I invite Paul Maybee along for the trip. Paul, a Nova Scotian, who just recently moved to New Brunswick, is an avid outdoors enthusiast. We started by scouting out Gibson Falls and then slowly worked our way along the Pollett River Gorge up towards the stone bridge that traverses the river.

Walking back to the car the weather began to change and it appeared that we were in for showers. So we decided to hike down past the gorge along the edge. Here and there we moved down to the rivers edge only to be forced back up along the ridge by rock out crops.

Arriving at the waterfalls we were impressed by the scene as the Pollett River seems to glide over and through the smooth face of the rock formation forming the Gordon Falls. Above and below are flowerpot rock formations. Further down beyond the falls there is a series of waterfalls surrounded by high cliffs. The entire area is remarkable and worth the hike down along the river.