Gibson (Hermit) Falls

Waterfall Detail: Gibson Brook literally drops into the Pollett Gorge through an extremely narrow and deep chiasm forming three waterfalls. The brook rushes down from Gowland Mountain through a steep sided ravine to meet the Pollett River at one of the most spectacular river gorges in New Brunswick. Over the millennia the Pollett River carved and etched a path down from the Caledonia Highlands in Albert County, forming steep ravines and waterfalls to confluence with the Petitcodiac River. The ravine is most prominent near the Village of Elgin.

Old Geological Survey Maps indicate this falls as Hermit Falls.To see these waterfalls, drive to Petitcodiac and take route 905 south towards the community of Elgin. The road meanders through lush forest before emerging into wide valley. Continue through Elgin until the Y in the road. Stay left onto the River Road and drive until the stone bridge crossing the Pollett River. On the left is a small camp and a road. Park here, do not block the road, and start hiking down this path. The path to the falls starts off as a dirt road. Then you need to branch off on footpaths down to the falls area. These paths are quite steep and require you get a good foothold.

Visit Detail: On Sunday May 2nd I revisited the waterfall. I was in the area to meet a friend as we planned on searching for Sproul Falls but decided to take some extra time to check out Gibson Falls. The area is very damp from the recent rains and the spring melt. Gibson Falls is spectacular at this time of year. The second waterfall near the confluence with the Pollett River amazed us. The walls of the small ravine are sheer where the small brook has sliced through the bedrock. With heavy flow the brook roared through the narrow chiasm sending a spray of water far into the main channel of the Pollett River. Large pine and spruce cling precariously to the sides of the ravine adding to the ambience of the waterfalls.