Essepenack Falls

Waterfall Detail: Just before Gibson Creek meets the Saint John River at Essepenack Cove it produces one last waterfall for our enjoyment. Located on the Saint John River side of Route 105, the creek is forced into a sharp right turn and then drops over ridge of granite forming a spectacular cascade.

The entire area is closely guarded by large mature maple, beech and birch making the area very enchanting. This waterfall can be seen from the highway.

Visit Detail: Walking along Route 105 after hiking to Cub Camp Falls located further up the creek heard the telltale sound of yet another waterfall. Peering through the forest, toward the Saint John River I could make out the whitewater of a small waterfall.

While my cousin Keith Guitard moved his truck, Gary LeClair and I climbed over the guardrail and scrambled down across the short expanse of woods to the creek and the falls. We were blown away by the beauty of this hidden gem located so close to the highway.