Erbs Falls

Waterfall Detail: In the middle of Kingston Peninsula, Peters Brook flows into Erbs Cove on the Belleisle Bay. There are two falls with the upper set cutting through a narrow notch in the granite rocks and the lower set plunging over a ledge into a deep pool. There is a long forgotten and unused fish ladder that parallels the falls. Ladders enable fish to pass around the barriers by swimming and leaping up a series of relatively low steps (hence the term ladder) into the waters on the other side. The velocity of water falling over the steps has to be great enough to attract the fish to the ladder, but it cannot be so great that it washes fish back downstream or exhausts them to the point of inability to continue their journey upriver. An interesting point to note is that a version of fish ladder was patented in 1837 by Richard McFarland of Bathurst, New Brunswick who designed a bypass for a dam at his water-powered lumber mill.

Directions to Erbs Falls from Fredericton. Drive to the Westfield and take the ferry to the Kingston Peninsula. Head left onto Route 845 and drive along the northern portion of the peninsula to the four corners in Kingston. Continue through on Route 845 until Peter Hill Road on the left. Turn left onto this road and continue to the bridge across Peters Brook. Park before the bridge and take the short path on the right towards the falls. The property belongs to Rob Daly who lives in te large farm house on the corner. Stop by and ask permission to visit.

Visit Detail: This is a wonderful site to visit. The rain we had this month provided plenty of water to blow through the narrow notch in the granite rocks at the top of the falls and then plunge over the rocks into a beautiful dark pool at the base of the falls. The old fish ladder adds to the ambience of Erbs Falls. My son Liam and his friend David Jamael accompanied me on this visit. We met Adrian Verboom at the waterfalls. He was taking time out to enjoy the reenergizing power of the waterfalls. Adrian provided information about the falls and other falls on the peninsula.