Coac Falls

Falls Detail: Cascading down from the hills just south of the Town of Nackawic is the Coac Stream. Located between Upper Queensbury and Day Hill the creek is the main drainage for Coac Lake and several wetlands located deep in the high plateau to the east. This unusual name is Maliseet for pine tree in the distance and as the name suggest there are numerous large pine trees found along the ridges and escarpments shrouding this beautiful creek.

The geology in this area is predominantly granite. The kind of granite that when it is cracked open is dark blue in the center. Granite is so predominate that there is small hamlet of Granite Hill only kilometers away down the road.

To see Coac Falls, drive along Route 105 south from the junction with Route 605 in Nackawic, passing route 610 to Upper Caverhill until crossing Coac Stream a distance of approximately 6 km. The Lower Caverhill Road (old logging road) is approximately 1000 meters south of the stream on the left. Park along the highway and start hiking up the Lower Caverhill Road until meeting a woods road on the left. An old decayed pine tree blocks this road, but follow it until coming to a cable across the road. At this point there is a crossroads. Take the right hand road and follow it as it follows a ridgeline in a gentle left hand arc until reaching a road on the right. Follow this road until coming to an ATV trail on the left. This trail heads down into the ravine to the falls. The sound of the falls will can be heard from this distance. Total distance of approximately 3 km.

Visit Detail: We drove a couple hundred meters up an old woods road (Lower Caverhill Road) and parked the car and from here began a leisurely walk along old abandoned logging roads twisting and turning following the ridges to an ATV trail leading down 30 meters into the ravine containing Coac Falls.

I was the invited guest of Paul Inman, Stan Ebbet and Richard & Grace Beazley who have all visited the falls previously. I was glad to be tagging along because without exact directions, these magnificent waterfalls would be very difficult to locate.

Jeff & Melissa McCarthy informed me of the waterfalls this summer and so I drove up to the area in September looking for them. I stopped at a restaurant in Nackawic and asked if anyone knew about the falls and the answer was unanimous, they knew about Coac Falls but had no idea how to get to them.

Coac Falls are simply spectacular. It is one of those waterfalls that when you see them for the first time you are carried away with their ambience. At 21 meters Coac Falls would be among the higher waterfalls in the province and one of the most beautiful.