Charlo Falls

South Charlo River


*** / Easy

N 47 58’ 08.93” / W 66 18’ 27.56”

Page 7 / Charlo 21O/16

Acadian Coastal Route

8 meters


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Waterfalls Detail: The Charlo Hatchery is celebrating its 70th year of operation. It was built in 1938 to replace the aging hatchery in New Mills New Brunswick and is a New Brunswick Heritage Site. The area was chosen due to the quality of fresh water available from the South Charlo River. The dam, visible in the pictures, was built in 1938/39 specifically to provide the water required to operate the hatchery. The falls and dam are located approximately 500 meters up river from the hatchery. The salmon and trout raised to various stages of development at the Charlo Hatchery were stocked in the rivers of New Brunswick. Guided tours are available by contacting the hatchery at 506-684-3050. Information can also be found on the Village of Charlo website.

Charlo Falls is located just off of Mountain Road in Lower Charlo. Take exit 375, Charlo/Blacklands exit, on Route 11 and head south on the Macpherson Road for 1 km to the junction with Mountain Road. Turn left and look for the path into the woods 100 meters down the road. The path is before the bridge crossing the South Charlo River.

Visit Detail: Diving or jumping from a height of 7 meters into the pool at Charlo Falls was an unwritten right of passage for many teenagers in the Dalhousie area. Like many of my friends I would run like mad along the cement pier and make the leap into the dark pool below.

While photographing the falls, I could vividly remember jumping off the cement pier into the pool below, swimming in behind the falls to sit on the hidden ledge and swatting pesky horseflies. I sat for what seemed a long time enjoying the power of the falls as I was embraced in memories of my youth. The sound of an ATV and voices of its occupants invaded my privacy and I decided it was time to hike back to the car.

I want to thank Donald MacLean, who worked at the hatchery prior to and after World War II. Donald’s father was instrumental along with the Clooney & Chamber Reid in purchasing the property from a Mr. Alex McIntyre in 1937. Donald, now 94 years young and living in Bath, still has vivid memory of the hatchery and its construction by the Harcqual Construction Co., from Campbellton, New Brunswick.

This post is for Jonathan MacCurdy, a friend of our family who suggested I needed to photography and write about Charlo Falls.