Big Falls (Shogomoc Stream)

Waterfall Detail: Big Falls is one of four waterfalls on the Shogomoc Stream. This meandering stream gently collects waters from several small lakes and wetlands until it drastically changes character. Approximately 2 kilometers up from the confluence with the Saint John River the stream drops rapidly over a series of four elevations. In a section of 600 metres it has produced a complex of four beautiful waterfalls of which Big Falls is the third. Shogomoc is situated approximately several kilometers north of the exit ramp to Nackawic on the new Trans Canada Highway.

The name Shogomoc has several meaning in Maliseet but the most predominately used is the derivation from Seeogamook meaning “place of chiefs” in reference to Governors Table a rock that was in the Saint John River before flooding in 1967.

Visit Detail: Penetrating through the hardwood ridges, the late afternoon sun produces elegant whispery shadows across the forest floor and stream. Hiking up alongside the stream I can understand why avid whitewater kayakers enjoy this stream during high water. It is very boney producing plenty of whitecaps. I could hear rocks tumbling down along the streambed by the force of the stream. Sitting on a large bolder just below the falls to set up my camera I am drawn into a relaxed frame of mind. This stream is magical and a definite must see for waterfallers and those who enjoy a relaxing walk in the woods.