Waterfalls of New Brunswick

Waterfall Detail: The Little Sheephouse Brook tumbles in a southeasterly direction to converge with the South Branch of the Big Sevogle River. This is timber country. Over the past two centuries the forest in this region have been harvested first to supply mask for sailing ships and later to support a budding pulp and paper industry. The property has been developed into a great recreational area for all to enjoy. Parking is available and there is signage to help make the experience more profound.

Little Sheephouse Falls is the main attraction with a 20m drop at an 80 deg angle and there is a little cave underneath the falls.

From Newcastle head for the Heath Steel Mine Road, Route 430. Follow this road to the tiny hamlet of Wayerton on the Northwest Miramichi River. Cross the river and continue until the sign for indicating the Fraser-Burchill Road. Follow this road for approximately 10 km until the sign pointing to the road on the left. This is the Sheephouse Road. Continue on this road for 5 km until there is another sign pointing to a road on the left. Follow this road for 2 km. At approximately 2 km there is a large sign and picnic area on the left. This is the entrance to the park.

This waterfall is part of a small park originally created by RePap Inc and further maintained by KPM and the provincial government.

Visit Detail: On my way home from a recent canoe trip I decided to drive out of my way to see these falls. I was really impressed by the clear signage for these falls. The Fraser-Burchill Road is in very good condition and it was a rather pleasant drive on a hot and humid afternoon. I stopped at local plant nursery in Miramichi to ask directions. The two gentlemen I spoke with provided excellent information and directions. Thank You.

The trailhead was well marked and the trails well groomed. The short walk to the observation platform where these photo’s where taken was pleasant. The folks in this area should be proud of the condition of this natural recreational area. There was no garbage or litter to be seen. I spent about 20 minutes taking pictures but due to tight timelines I had to hit the road. On the drive out a black bear cub, shot out from the undercover in front of me. I slowed down and stopped and then the mother emerged to educate the cub with a quick sweep of her paw and they continued into the woods on the opposite side of the road once the cub regained his footing. I plan on returning to this area in the fall.