Upper Moss Glen Falls

Waterfall Detail: Tucked away in a deep ravine cut into the Kingston Peninsula Puddington Lake Brook flows southwesterly into the Kennebecasis River. As the name indicates the brook has it’s origin from a small lake in the middle of this gorgeous peninsula. The Upper Moss Glen Falls is spectacular and located 100 meters up the brook from the Kennebecasis River. The falls is formed by the brook being forced into a sharp left hand turn and then over a rock face a distance of 10 meters into a small pool. At this point the brook again changes direction by the granite wall opposite. Moss Glen was originally named Wetmores Mills for the mills built in the early 1800’s by brothers Justus & David Wetmore.

Directions to Moss Glen Falls from Fredericton. Drive to the Westfield and take the ferry to the Kingston Peninsula. Head south on Route 845 and drive along the southern portion of the peninsula to Moss Glen. Look for the Moss Glen Fire Department. The Moss Glen Shore Road is 150 meters past the station on the right. Drive down this road approximately 500 meters or so and there is a parking spot on the left. The trail leads to the Lower Moss Glen Falls. Follow the trail upwards 50 meters to the upper falls.

Visit Detail: Roy Stillwell accompanied me on this trip to Moss Glen. A few weeks earlier Adrian Verboom informed me about the falls. He said the upper falls where very nice. Did he ever understate the beauty of the falls and the ravine. The upper falls are simply spectacular in both height and shape. I know people are upset about the amount of rain we had this summer but the positive aspect of the rain is plenty of water in our brooks. The area is full of moss and lichen growing in the damp shade of the ravine. The area is heavily treed which limits the amount of sunlight reaching the brook at this location. Moss Glen Falls is a must see for waterfalls enthusiast.

I was very discouraged by the amount of garbage left at the site and the amount of clothing scattered throughout the area. On our walk back to the car we found an old safe rusting away in a small enclosure.