About The Site

This website is about waterfalls and very little else. It is an exploration and documentation of the Waterfalls of New Brunswick. Over the past year I lamented over the lack of information about one of New Brunswick’s natural wonders. Every time I searched the Internet I would find pictures of waterfalls but very little information or directions on how to locate them.

With input and encouragement from Martin Marshall a waterfalls enthusiast and Lane MacIntosh a writer who shares similar interest, I decided on developing a website to share my interest with individuals who enjoy their time to hike into the woods and to enjoy the power and energy of our numerous rivers and waterfalls. If I was to follow this path I also wanted to learn about the historical importance they afforded our province. I needed to also document the native names for our waterways for their cultural importance.

I will provide directional information which hopefully will spur people to explore and enjoy our waterfalls.

You are invited to enjoy the pictures and comment on the various falls I photograph. I will make my way around the province photographing, researching and documenting the various falls in our picture province.

Comments and information about waterfalls are always welcome. If information is incorrect, please feel free to provide accurate information and the site will be updated. I also welcome any historical information and information about a waterfalls that you may want to see on this site.

Lastly, I will not post pictures from other photographers nor will I copy photo’s from other sources and publish on this site. I will update photograph’s of waterfalls as I revisit areas of interest.