Garden Creek Falls

  • County: York
  • Falls Height: 7 meters
  • Falls Type: Step
  • Latitude/Longitude: N 45 56.322’ / W 66 43.279’
  • Property Ownership: Crown
  • Rating / Difficulty: ** / Easy (Roadside)
  • River System: Garden Creek/Saint John River
  • Scenic Route: River Valley Scenic Route
  • SNB Map Book: Page / Map Name: Page 70 / Fredericton 21G/15





Waterfalls Detail: Garden Creek like many small brooks and creeks along the plateau that borders the Saint John River Valley, flows in a northerly direction down towards the “Rhine of New Brunswick”. The plateau in the Fredericton area rises 100 to 150 meters above the river valley and this results in numerous cascades up and down the river valley in this area.

The fall is located alongside the High-speed entry lane to the Trans Canada Highway heading west out of Fredericton. Just a few meters past the 1 km marker there is an ATV trail on the right hand side of the highway leading into the falls. There is absolutely no indication of these falls from the road or the trail. The walk into the falls is very short.

Visit Details: I was informed about the falls by an acquaintance, Mark Gallagher and decided to see if I could find them. I was given general idea of where the falls could be located. So this I drove up and parked along side the highway where I thought the falls might be located. There are two ravines and I chose the largest. I waded down to the stream and began to wade down stream until the mosquitoes drove me back. I wandered about 100 to 150 meters downstream with no luck. Upon returning to the car I decided to try the second but smaller gully. I was just about to climb over the guardrail when an ATV came along and stopped. I asked the driver if there was waterfalls nearby and was told that he was heading to the falls and to follow him.

Voila, within a 5 minute drive from my home there is this wonderful waterfall. I spent approximately 30 minute taking pictures. This is a nice location with a large pine tree stand shading the area. I walked down to the falls and was pleasantly surprised by the proximity to the highway. There are several large boulders from which to view the falls.

I revisited the falls on Tuesday, July 15th to take a few more pictures. Thanks to Mark and the nice people on the ATV.

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