Fuller Falls


Waterfalls Details: Shrouded by a canopy of lush green trees, the thin veil of Fuller Falls drops 15 meters through a moss cover ravine and continues in a series of smaller drops to Melvin Beach and further into the Bay of Fundy. The falls are one of many sites to visit while at the Fundy Trail Parkway. The falls are accessible via a cable stairway from the main hiking path.

The Fundy Trail has been open to the public since 1998.  This first phase of the Fundy Trail consists of sixteen kilometers of hiking/biking trails, supported by a paved auto parkway, which afford magnificent panoramic views from every angle, and lead to the suspension bridge and Interpretive Centre at Big Salmon River. A secondary phase of the Parkway has started with the construction of a structure across the Big Salmon River gorge. This will facilitate the development of the parkway through to the Fundy National Park.

The Fundy Trail is accessible via Route 111 from Saint John or Sussex and is located 10 kms east of the Village of St. Martins.


Trip Details: After a 2-hour drive from Fredericton it was refreshing to make our way down to the observation platform to take in the grandeur of the waterfalls. On this trip my wife, Marlaine and my son Liam decided to come along for the trip. Liam and I scouted the ravine for the best photo opportunity while Marlaine returned to the SUV. I was pleased that there was sufficient water volume to photograph the falls. At the falls we met visitors from Florida who where enjoying their retreat from Florida heat. I liked these waterfalls because it allows photographers to walk up close to the falls and secondly the amount of moss and lichen that make the area lush and green.

While visiting the parkway we wanted to walk across the suspension bridge over the Big Salmon River but unfortunately during the construction of the highway structure the suspension bridge was off limits for the day.

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