Falls Detail: Sawmill Creek Falls is very well concealed by the geology of the bedrock. Located in Albert County, Sawmill Creek flows is a southeasterly direction to converge with Memel Creek. This part of the county is on the eastern section of the Caledonia Mountains. The creek at this location has cut a deep notch into the hills, with the east side of the creek having a gentle slope and the west side on the other hand a very steep escarpment running several hundred meters as the creek twist and winds through the country side. The creek falls over the ledge into a small pool then turns shapely to the left and then right again around a large rock outcrop before tumbling over several ledges.

From Route 114 in Hopewell Hill, drive out the Memel Road a distance of approximately 4 km to a Y in the road. The last 2 km’s is gravel. On the left hand road there is a stop sign for ATV’s and a sign for Rock’s View Variety and trails leading to the falls. Park here and take the trail leading west towards the creek. The only way down to the falls at this point is rappel down using a rope that is tied to a tree.

Visit Detail: The best location to photograph the falls is from the west side of the creek and unfortunately the path leading to the area is from the east. The geological deformity producing the weakest path for the falls to form is hidden from view until I hiked to an observation point on the west.

I used the available rope to rappel down into the narrow ravine only to realize that there was absolutely no position to photograph the falls. I rappelled back out and made my way a few hundred meters up along the east side of the creek to a location where I could cross safely and have access to a gentle slope up the opposite side of the creek. Bushwhacking my way along the edge of the ravine I could see the creek 20 meters below and finally reached a gentle sloping area that facilitated a safe trek down to a fantastic vantage point.

As the sun began to cast long shadows on the trees to my east, I decided it was time to leave my vantage point and head back to my SUV to write a short visit report and head back to the main road.�

2 Comments to “Sawmill Creek Falls”

  1. lewis — July 5, 2011 @ 12:32 pm

    can you swim at the end of the falls

  2. lewis — July 5, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

    can you swim in the pool at the end of the of the waterfall?

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