This is one of five waterfalls we photographed on a field trip to Bough Brook December 30 2011. I took quite a tumble down the into the ravine when I leaned on what was a rotten tree.

This 60 foot gem of a waterfalls is in Albert County. I photographed the waterfall in the autumn of 2010 with my good friend Terry Gallant.

Nutter Brook Falls

Nutter Brook is not far from Ragged Ass Falls and is easily accessed by truck.

Upper Nutter Brook Falls

Located approximately 300 meters above the main waterfall.

Gaines Falls

Gaines Falls is on a small brook the flows into Shin Creek. Shin Creek is part of the South Branch Oromocto River. This area is predominately red sandstone, similar to that located at the Hopewell Rocks.

Sand Brook Falls # 3

The brook is well named.

Carrow Brook Falls

Carrow Brook Falls is close to a logging road and is easily accessed.

Pete Brook Falls

Spent a day hiking with Elmo MacDonald of Fredericton Junction. This is one of the waterfalls we visited.

Blackwood Lake Brook Falls

Terry Gallant and I hiked out to the falls in mid-september. The leaves had just started to change. This waterfall is in Albert County.

Stairs Brook Falls

This is just a small brook that flows into the South Branch Big Sevogle.

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